Willing to improve your website traffic?

  • Advertise on 200+ Myanmar websites at once
  • Engagement of a wide range of customers from other networks
  • Business Keywords Analysis
  • Website optimisation for high visibility on search engines
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

Online Advertising & Marketing

Our online advertising and marketing services bring together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet to offer you solutions for your search engine optimisation, website link exchanging, selling and buying of advertising space and e-mail marketing services.

Myanmar Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

NetScriper (AdInnwa) provides Ad server, Ad serving technology and service that places CPC (Cost Per Click) / PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements in Myanmar websites. Website owners (Publishers) will display Ads on their websites and Business owners (Advertisers) are paying for it. It is that simple!

We can identify online advertising opportunities for you to promote your own website through other websites or to sell the advertising space you have available on yours. Whether it is an Online Sale, Banner Ad or simply a link, we can help you increase your revenue through two-way Internet advertising.

Since we got hundreds of Myanmar websites in our network, our advertisers benefit from a unique solution that delivers qualified leads from local and global sources of traffic. You can imagine that how your Ads can reach to entire country within a minute.

Please read more about our Myanmar online advertising network called AdInnwa at www.adinnwa.com

E-mail Marketing

We can help you to promote your business through our e-mail marketing service, allowing you to inform current and potential customers of your latest products and services and to build strong business relationships. We can produce unique newsletters containing information and special offers to encourage customer interest and loyalty.

  • Maintain the Customer relationship
  • Send loyalty offers/new products/events to your customers
  • Rich HTML format in Myanmar or English
  • Grab a wide range of potential customers
  • Open rate and everything can be tracked
  • Weekly & Monthly Newsletter at low cost

Search Engine Optimisation

We can help you to increase the traffic to your website from search engines via human natural, organic and algorithmic based search results for specific keywords targeted to your business. According to the survey, there are over 75% of visitors generally come from the Search Engines, so you can promote your business by developing SEO friendly website with us.

Our SEO service include the followings:

  • Business Keyword Research and Analysis (Myanmar & English)
  • URL re-writing and re-naming
  • Directory & Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Site Map creation
  • Weekly/Monthly site review from Google Web Master tool