E-Commerce Website with Messenger Chat-Bot

We provide the Facebook Messenger Chat-Bot as an Add-on service for our E-Commerce Website customers to integrate the website with Messenger Bot platform that has 1.3 billion users globally and about 9 million users here in Myanmar. Messenger ChatBots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, execute tasks and bring potential customers to your website and business automatically while cutting your costs and increase your revenue.

Bot with E-Commerce Backend

Automate sales process for your E-Commerce Website to pull-out Categories & Items in the conversations and sell more within the Facebook Messenger.

Drive more Buyers to your website

Bot can bring the interested potential buyers from your Facebook Page's Messenger to your E-Commerce Store to close the sales as the drop-off rates are lower than in a traditional clickable ads.

24x7 Sale Assistance

Bot will help you an uninterrupted 24x7 response between the seller and the customer, helps the customer find what they are looking for from the entire store at all times.

Bot in Myanmar & English
(Dual Language)

For proactive customer engagement and to get the Real-time conversations in the familiar language, our Chat-Bot provides the Dual Language in Myanmar and English.

Messenger Bot Introduction Video (in Myanmar)

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