Are you ready for the future of mobile apps?

  • Billions of people rely solely on mobile to access the information
  • Since 2009, mobile phone usage has doubled every year
  • You will definitely missed that amount of users/customers
    if your business can't present functionally on mobile
  • Our mobile app can grab that amount of users to your business

Mobile App Design & Development

More and more people are accessing the information from their mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet computer in these days and it is likely to exceed access from desktop computers within next two years. In Myanmar, millions of people are using the mobile phone and amoung them over 65% of phone users are using the smart phones.

Mobile App for Business

We create easily accessible, fully functional and business-oriented mobile app for any kind of business.

HTML5 Hybrid

We build app in modern HTML5 with Responsive CSS3 framework so it allows us to develop the applications that easily adapt to different resolutions, screen sizes, aspect ratios and also it works on all Android and IOS (Apple) platforms. As some of the other advantages of the web, cross-platform is in its nature, as it is meant to run on any device (hardware) and operating system (software). HTML5's most sought-after quality is its flexibility. On any platform, whether a smartphone or a tablet, HTML5 code can be replicated with little to no adjustment for a specific OS.

Our advantages of using HTML5 for mobile development are:

  • Website we build can be deployed as a mobile application easily
  • You save money and we save development time
  • Offline capabilities of mobile app bring your website to work offline as an app
  • Easy to maintain and update the content with CMS - web interface
  • The final point is that we create mobile apps with the web technologies we love :)