Mobile App Design & Development

More and more people are accessing the information from their mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet computer in these days and it is likely to exceed access from desktop computers within next two years. In Myanmar, millions of people are using the mobile phone and amoung them over 75% of phone users are using the smart phones, not just only in major cities like Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw but also in rural areas of Myanmar.

Mobile Application for Business

We create easily accessible, fully functional and business-oriented mobile app for any kind of business. There are two main types of mobile app development technology we do as below:

  1. Web Apps
  2. Cross-Platform Native Apps

We can help you choose the best option based on your requirements, business objectives, functionality and other factors like your budget and deadline. We have highly skilled Myanmar Mobile App Developers and highly experienced UI/UX Designers working at our Myanmar Mobile Development Team and we have completed a diverse range of app projects for our clients around the world.

Web Apps

We build app in modern HTML5 with Responsive CSS3 framework so it allows us to develop the applications that easily adapt to different resolutions, screen sizes, aspect ratios and it works on all devices.

We develop either traditional Web Apps or modern Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to bring extra advantages.

HTML5's most sought-after quality is its flexibility. As some of the other advantages of the web, cross-platform is in its nature, as it is meant to run on any device (hardware) and operating system (software). On any platform, whether a smartphone or a tablet, HTML5 code can be replicated with little to no adjustment for a specific OS. The final point is that we create mobile apps with the web technologies we love :)

  • Website we build can be deployed as a mobile application easily
  • You save money and we save design & development time
  • Available on 'add to home screen' app or store submission version
  • Offline capabilities of mobile app bring your website to work offline as an app
  • Support both Burmese/Myanmar (Zawgyi or Unicode) and English language
  • Easy to maintain and update the content with WordPress CMS - web interface

Cross-Platform Native Apps

Cross-Platform apps are compatible with both major platforms such as iOS (Apple) and Android.

We use 'React Native' technology and developing Cross-Platform apps allows developers to code once and deploy an app across multiple platforms in a single codebase.

The apps are developed with Intermediate Cross-Platform Native Development technologies like JavaScript and have a UX cognizant with Native component to get very similar look and feel like a native app.

  • Apps are as fast as Native and feel like Native Apps
  • Saves time and money to build mobile apps on multiple platforms
  • Ability to access Native components and hardware
  • Low Maintenance cost for Long-term as it is in the single codebase
  • Easy to submit Play Store and App Store
  • Able to integrate with Web based Back-end Dashboard to update the content

Some of our recently created Mobile App!

'Your Fitster' Mobile App (Android and iOS)

'Made in Myanmar' Mobile App (PWA - Android)

'Drink Water Reminder' Mobile App (Android and iOS)

'Learning Management System (LMS)' Mobile App (Native - Android)